Concerned academics set up ‘free’ university in Lincoln

BBC  April 21, 2012

Academics concerned about high tuition fees are setting up a university where students can learn for free.  The group, which includes lecturers from the University of Lincoln, argues higher education has become “highly commercialised and profit-oriented”.  Calling themselves the Social Science Centre, the 40 academics will teach students to the equivalent of BA, MA and PhD levels.

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U-M expands free online courses to global classroom

The Detroit News  April 19, 2012

When the University of Michigan offered its first free online class earlier this year, more than 50,000 people enrolled from around the world. Starting this summer and fall, U-M will offer seven more free online classes in a move aimed at reaching lifelong learners, connecting with prospective and former students and expanding higher learning to a global audience.

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Online Education Venture Lures Cash Infusion and Deals With 5 Top Universities

New York Times  April 18, 2012

An interactive online learning system created by two Stanford computer scientists plans to announce Wednesday that it has secured $16 million in venture capital and partnerships with five major universities.

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What to Expect From Free Online Classes

NASDAQ  April 12, 2012

A number of free online course offerings, some from big-name universities, are giving traditional schools a run for the money. You may even get a certificate that proves mastery of the material. But don’t expect such a certificate to carry much weight in the job market, where actual credits are still the only currency that counts.

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The 50 Best Sources of Free STEM Education Online  April 11, 2012

Colleges, universities, and other educational forums in your community can be excellent places to learn more about a variety of STEM topics, but there is also a wealth of educational material available on the web for those who prefer to learn at their own pace or take a more individual approach.

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Khan Academy: Free education in app form

USA Today  April 4, 2012

Those who own an iPad will likely tell you their tablet goes above and beyond e-mail, video playback and Angry Birds.  It can also be a conduit to higher education, be it access to iTunes U, YouTube EDU and now apps such as Khan Academy.

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Free post-secondary education by 2025: Sherman

Edmonton Sun  April 2, 2012
Free tuition for everyone — but it will cost you if you make over $100,000 per year.  The Alberta Liberals plan to eliminate post-secondary tuition by 2025 if they form government, says Leader Raj Sherman.
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California ballot initiative would make college free for residents

Oakland Tribune  March 23, 2012

Clipboards in hand, high school seniors Estephania Franco and Jocelyn Sanchez approached a group of UC Berkeley students sitting on a curb in Sproul Plaza.  “Hey guys, you want free tuition?” one of them asked.

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Watching the Ivory Tower Topple – New online courses open to all constitute a thrilling collegiate coup

Wall Street Journal  March 23, 2012

Turn down the Rihanna. No more bikinis and beer. Spring break is winding down, and college students are heading back to campus—which, if they’re at a name-brand school, is the one place, whatever their actual smarts or behavior, that guarantees them approval.

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Disruptive technologies in higher education: adapt or get left behind

The Guardian   March 21, 2012

Though universities are currently adapting to many political, economic and social changes, they cannot afford to ignore technological transformation as well, says Matthew Draycott

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The Next Step in Online Learning: MITx

National Review Online  March 21, 2012

The growing benefits of online education recently have come together in one revolutionary package, via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  At the end of December 2011, MIT announced its plan to inaugurate an online education program titled “MITx.”

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The Stanford Education Experiment Could Change Higher Learning Forever

WIRED  March 20, 2012

Last fall, the university in the heart of Silicon Valley did something it had never done before: It opened up three classes, including CS221, to anyone with a web connection. Lectures and assignments—the same ones administered in the regular on-campus class—would be posted and auto-graded online each week. Midterms and finals would have strict deadlines.

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Free-textbooks project helps SA

TOBY SHAPSHAK   18 March, 2012 00:16

An innovative education project has enabled the government to print more than 2.4 -million free maths and science textbooks for a nominal cost.

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Online GED program offered

Texas  March 16, 2012.

The Adult Education Department at Northeast Texas Community College announced a new online General Education Development (GED) program. Classes are free and begin March 19.  In order to participate in this program, students must have reliable access to the Internet (preferably high speed) and meet eligibility requirements. While the majority of the program is completed online, 12 direct contact hours are required.

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College students teaching for free

Herald-Tribune, Florida    March 14, 2012

A group of New College of Florida students recently started exploring their own new independent educational system.  The Sarasota Free Skool is a free, nonaccredited educational program helping people of all ages learn a subject or skill.  The courses are taught by college students and range from general academics, such as languages and literature, to arts and music like drawing and piano.

Founded by New College third-year student Roger Butterfield, the school is part of a growing tradition of “nonhierarchical schools” that date to Spain in the 1930s.

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TED Talks for kids

TIME   March 12, 2012.

Over the years, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Dave Eggers and other big names have given TED talks on the subject of education. Now, in addition to spreading big ideas about how to improve education and learning, TED is going to be doing a little teaching of its own.

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YouTube as a teaching tool?

New York Times   March 10, 2012

As Google, YouTube’s parent company, fine-tunes a portal that lets schools limit students’ access to selected content, the video-sharing Web site is gaining popularity as a trove of free educational materials. Schools across the country commonly block

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Where does MITx fit into our education system?

McGill Daily  March 9, 2012.

The university that started the Opencourseware (OCW) movement is extending its offerings beyond posting video recordings and notes from courses online, to a new program called MITx. It is entirely free, but whereas OCW allows downloading of past course … 

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Afghan students stay the course  Thu Mar. 08 2012

The program offers Afghan women an education free of charge and helps prepare them for the workforce. International Women’s Day took on special meaning for several Afghan students who are part of an online education program.

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Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Spring Semester 2012

Lifehacker  Jan.11, 2012

Your education doesn’t have to stop once you get out of school—being free of the classroom just means you have more control over what you learn and when you learn it.  Click here for more.

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